Morphine Sulfate 10 Mg/ML Injection (10 Ampoules)

//Morphine Sulfate 10 Mg/ML Injection (10 Ampoules)


Morphine Sulfate 10 Mg/ML Injection (10 Ampoules)

Morphine is obtained from opium, which acts mainly on the CNS and smooth muscle.

Morphine is a potent analgesic with competitive agonist actions at the μ-receptor, which is thought to mediate many of its other actions of respiratory depression, euphoria, inhibition of gut motility and physical dependence. It is possible that analgesia, euphoria and dependence may be due to the effects of morphine on a μ-1 receptor subtype, while respiratory depression and inhibition of gut motility may be due to actions on a μ-2 receptor subtype. Morphine is also a competitive agonist at the κ-receptor that mediates spinal analgesia, miosis and sedation. Morphine has no significant actions at the other two major opioid receptors, the δ- and the σ-receptors.

Morphine directly suppresses cough by an effect on the cough centre in the medulla.

Method of administration

Morphine Sulfate may be given by the subcutaneous, intramuscular or intravenous route. The subcutaneous route is not suitable for oedematous patients. The dosage should be based on the severity of the pain and the response and tolerance of the individual patient. The epidural or intrathecal routes must not be used as the product contains a preservative.


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